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Season 2 Promo

MAY 9, 2014

Winter is coming. Jack is Back. Who cares about the Red Wedding, the Purple Wedding, who shot JR or Mr. Burns? All of that is irrelevant, because a new series of tubes are being primed for the return of MFN: The Motherfuton News. And to mark the occasion I have a teaser for you.

Do remember how you felt the first time you saw the teaser for Cloverfield? You thought it was just another stupid trailer, but then things started to quickly unravel, people were running and screaming through the streets of New York and the head of the Statue of Liberty came crashing down and slid across the street, at which point you turned to your friend and mouthed the words "ho-ly crap!". Well, that was amazing. This is similar, in that it's also a teaser for a thing.

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